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We made it!


The C64 demo was finished at the party, several hours after the deadline. I didn't realize so much work remained; finishing the twist scroller, implementing the loader, adding and fading out the music, etc. I guess I spent about 12 hours coding at the party, in total. We were happy with the product, and landed on a 4th place in the Oldskool Demo Compo. Without further ado, here is our most recent demo, Naked Grinder by Hoaxers. A longplay of the demo can be seen on Youtube.

We will now be getting ready for X'2012. We'll have the demo ready before the party next time.

Meanwhile, a lot of goodies arrived. The ATmega, 24MHz crystals, PCB's and more, actually most parts for the Swinsid chip are in, so I'll probably start soldering up some prototypes tonight. Still haven't received the TDA1543's, so unless I do some creative hacking with the Swinsid code, I won't be hearing any sound just yet.


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