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VGAVR is a simple program for generating text on a VGA monitor using a 16MHz ATmega MCU.

The source is written in 100% C and was developed on an ATmega128 using AVR Studio 4. It is believed to run just fine on other ATmegas at the same speed.

It has been tested on two monitors, and should comply to the 640x480@60Hz industry standard. However, do note that it is currently at a beta stage, so some tweaking may be required.

VGAVR is released under the GNU General Public License, see this page for details.

The source can be downloaded here: (dated 2012-08-27)

Hook it up
R, G and B has a voltage level of max 0.7v, so the graphics output pin (MOSI, PB2 on ATmega128) must be via a divider to obtain the correct voltage level. VSYNC and HSYNC are TTL levels and does not require a divider.

Sample layout


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