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Trondheim Makerfaire 2015


This weekend I attended Trondheim Makerfaire 2015, along with a few other members from Hackheim. Despite the bad weather, we had a blast meeting all the visitors and each other. I should also stress that this was a wet event. The rain was pretty rough Thursday night while we were rigging up the gear, we had a little river running through our tent to the drain. And when I say river I mean a pretty decent one; a fellow hacker actually built a model boat that sailed through it.

Let's take a quick walk through the 'faire and let's see what we have here.

This is Hackheim's fruit-o-phone (mainly banana-and-melon-o-phone), based on the Makey makey:

Just behind the fruit-o-phone was Timeexpander's bench, featuring the Götterdämmerung (I and II) 3D-printers, as well as the intriguing Citybeest:

Here's Hans Jørgen Grimstad, the creator of the Citybeest, showing his robot in action on the pavement:

The augmented sandbox was a great success last year. It's running Linux and gets its 3D vision from an XBox 360 Kinect:

The Stacker clone I was working on was done in time, too. I have no idea how many games were played, but it was in the hundreds. Not many made it to the top, though.

The latest revision of the C64FC was also shown. Quite a few recognized the computer from their childhood, and a lot of kids even took the time to play some old classic games. I had to cover the C64 in cling foil to protect it from the rain.

Some commercial and a couple of homebrew quadracopters were also on display. I did not know those small buggers could do loops, but I do now.

This was ARM's tent. Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture from inside due to the crowd, but they demonstrated their Mali graphics chip, in both mobile and embedded platforms. They even gave away a few arcades to some lucky contestants.

Awesome metal sculpts from Scvulp. Yes please.

As the sign says, it's a "Post apocalyptic supermarket." featuring fancy items such as zombie survival kits.

A motorized monowheel by Smørekoppen.

Revolve's electric racing car. This thing moves.

If you don't fancy electric motors, try this twin turbo based turbine beast for change. Here's a 6-second clip of it idling (RIP in peace, headphone users)

..and if you don't like driving, then how about flying? These eight hexacopters can, with a small dose of added bravery, lift an adult person.

And that's about all the pictures I had from this years Makerfaire!

I'm already making plans for next year. It will definitely be something waterproof.


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