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The temperature? Got it!


So last night the bluetooth temperature sensor was done and did a perfect test run. Due to the lack of a 9v voltage regulator, I ditched the solar panel for now. It runs from a traditional 9v battery, and should be operational for.. oh, who knows how long.

It's neat, it's small. Fits in your hand, and can be placed anywhere. No schematics this time, because - there aren't any. Everything was made up on the fly, but if someone's interested I can make a rough approximation in Eagle.

Bluetooth temperature sensor in housing

Here's the reading from it. The ATmega88 sends a calculated celcius reading via bluetooth to the PC. Interfacing this thing must be anyone's dream:

Reading the temperature is easy.

It was almost a shame to rip it apart, but I needed the parts. Maybe it will house another experiment some time later.

Now where are those ATXmega's I'm waiting for? Looks like we have time for some more fun before it arrives.


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