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The ATPuter


Here's another oddity I never really wrote anything about. This didn't catch on to me. Don't get me wrong, but it was a "too easy" approach towards building my own computer. I'll explain why.


What you're looking at here, is an ATmega128 based computer. Since I'm a fan of reusing components (and I'm a frequent breadboarder) the SMD ATmega128 is on a 64-pin SMD-to-DIP adapter. VGA signal and a PS/2 keyboard input functionality was driven by the MicroVGA interface by SeCons. I wrote a custom BASIC implementation, so switching it on would give an instant 8-bit retro experience. The wires on the board are for JTAG and power.

Kind of cool, but, you know. Connecting the dots is not really a challenge. Most of the work was writing the software, and I have enough software projects.

Another project forwarded to the dust collector ensemble!


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