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The temperature? Got it!

February 21, 2012 -

So last night the bluetooth temperature sensor was done and did a perfect test run. Due to the lack of a 9v voltage regulator, I ditched the solar panel for now. It runs from a traditional 9v battery, and should be operational for.. oh, who knows how long.more

Solar controller almost done

February 16, 2012 -

The solar powered, bluetooth-enabled temperature sensor is almost done. I spent a couple of hours soldering most of it up yesterday, and there are only a couple of parts missing before it's ready for launch.more

Waiting for parts, playtime.

February 13, 2012 -

So I accidentally popped the fuse in my C64, and had to order a batch of new ones. I'm also waiting for a couple of 32MHz ATXmega128's for you-know-what. Which leaves me without a project at the moment... unheard of!more

Playing with more wireless modules

January 19, 2012 -

A few months back, I receved a couple of 315 MHz RF modules to play with. They were tested and stored back then, but since they got a bit of a rough treatment while being moved from one house to the other, I had to give them a test run again today to make sure they were A-OK.more

Bluetooth controlled relays

December 28, 2011 -

As if moving to a new house in christmas wasn't enough, I've been ill for a couple of days. You know, just to top it off with something. Dunno what hit me, but it was hard. Now that I'm finally back on my feet, it's time to play with me ole' toys again.more

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