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Cartridge test, part deux

February 5, 2012 -

Really not an informative video, so I'll explain.more

Cartridge: Early signs of life

February 4, 2012 -

The cartridge is slowly, but surely, taking shape. I'm simultaneously designing a PCB which I will have etched once the cartridge seems to work fine. Right now, I'm working with something that looks like this:more

Away with the breadboard

January 31, 2012 -

...and enter the 8-bit baby. Not much soldering done today, but I've got the ISP connector and a dual power up and running. I.e. the cartridge runs whether it's connected to the C64, or the STK board.more

Ok, now we're talking...

January 25, 2012 -

I'm almost where I left off with the previous cartridge project. I've got the micro controller hooked up on the C64's bus, and it's respectful enough to let the C64 run flawlessly as if it's not there.more

It's a mess, and no success

January 22, 2012 -

After reading about this project, I decided to revive my ATmega based cartridge emulator. Mine has fewer parts and is way faster, so it should be worth bringing back to life.more

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