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Breadboard 6502, with SID (WIP)

January 6, 2012 -

As a part of creating the SwinSID chip, I need a working test environment up and running. Time to breadboard a 6502... again.more

Breadboard SID player (part deux)

October 27, 2011 - facepalm

I should be kept on a leash for my own safety, because I'm apparently quite stupid. I intentionally chose to avoid using RAM in this project, because I wanted a minimalist design with less wires, thus easier to debug. I also thought that the 6502 would work fine without RAM (which it theoretically does) since all the code is in …more

Breadboard SID player

October 24, 2011 -

Just a quick update for you all here. As you may remember, I will be using the 6581 SID emulator by Swinkels for my 6502 computer project. Yes, it's final now, my weak spot for the 6581 is just too.. darn.. weak.more

6502 plans revealed

October 14, 2011 -

My apologies for not updating the blog as frequently as I once promised to. I'm busy these days as I'm coding a part for a C64 demo, moving to a new house, and taking exams in electronics, in addition to entertaining my wife and kids. So, needless to say, there's not much time to play with the toys. I've been …more

8-bit R2R ladder

September 27, 2011 -

As I've mentioned earlier, I'm an active breadboarder. Having nothing to do, and being a while since I did my own R2R ladder (DAC), this day felt like a good day to refresh those ole' skills. Using an ATmega8 (for a change) and a handful of 1K and 2K2 resistors, an 8-bit R2R ladder was born. The ATmega outputted a…more

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