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Solskogen 2016 - Kaimana!


I've had the longest vacation in my lifetime this summer. 4 weeks of nothingness! Well, not exactly - I attended the Solskogen 2016 demoparty, and contributed with a demo called "Kaimana", coded for (and on) an OCS Amiga.

The demo ended up 5th in the Oldschool demo compo. Most of the code was ready before the party, but all linking and transitions was done on-site. The Pou√ęt page for the demo is here.

The name "Kaimaina" is Hawaiian, and means "The power of the ocean", which explains the nautic theme. The demo features effects such as a textured twistraster, RGB plasma tunnel and a cylindrical textured twister. There's a metric shit tonne of assembly code behind it.

If anyone out there are interested in technical details on how it was done, let me know and I'll make a post on it.


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