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Soldering fumes exhaust


I guess my wife's facial expression means I've done something good for the interior design. Or horribly wrong -- I'm not really good at this guessing game. Anyway, here's a cheap exhaust pipe that will remove most (if not all) soldering fumes. I'm just using is an old 12VDC PC fan with a matching power supply and a £3 flexible duct for tumble dryers.

Fules exhaust 1

Luckily, I have a vent above my desk where this mounts easily. In its absence, I would probably use crack the window open and let it exhale there.

Here's the desktop/soldering side. The fan is faced so the air flows into the duct. I admit it looks a bit cheap and not very functional, but it really does a good job. I did a test run yesterday, and a visual inspection shows that the smoke is sucked directly in. No smell from the iron, solder or flux could be found either, which felt a bit odd, because I do actually enjoy the smell a bit.

Fules exhaust 2

I'm quite pleased with this. The only thing that could make it better, was if I could hook it onto the body from a desk arm lamp. It would increase the mobility and stability dramatically.


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