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Solar controller almost done


The solar powered, bluetooth-enabled temperature sensor is almost done. I spent a couple of hours soldering most of it up yesterday, and there are only a couple of parts missing before it's ready for launch.

The solar panel will recharge a 9 volt battery, which in turn powers the circuit via a regulated 7805-based 5 volt supply. The micro controller is an ATmega88PA this time, on a DIP adapter - on a socket. I also added a convenient ISP socket, to ease future programming.

A connector plug will be placed just above the caps for attaching the solar panel.

Inside the bottom half of the box

The top half consists of the Bluetooth module and an LED which will give a quick flash to indicate that the controller is out of sleep.

Inside the top half of the box

I've only confirmed that the ISP works so far, so today I'll start writing the communication software, sketching up a simple protocol and maybe even toss in the divider circuit - if there's time.


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