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SID chip replacement project


The TDA1543's finally arrived yesterday, after almost about a months wait. I bet, that if I were to race the package home from China, I would win by walking... blindfolded... on my hands.

The ultimate test for the breadboard SID chip, is to hook it up to a genuine Commodore 64 and see if it works, and how well it does the job. Since I now have all the parts required, it's a matter of assembling and testing. If I'm satisfied, I will design a PCB for it with the footprint of a DIP28 package, resembling the SID chip as much as possible.

Unfortunately, as you know, I don't have much playtime these days due to refurbishing the new house and moving. These days I'm installing laminate flooring, cutting and fitting boards until late night. Hopefully, the SID project will see the light of day this weekend...


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