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8-bit R2R ladder


As I've mentioned earlier, I'm an active breadboarder. Having nothing to do, and being a while since I did my own R2R ladder (DAC), this day felt like a good day to refresh those ole' skills. Using an ATmega8 (for a change) and a handful of 1K and 2K2 resistors, an 8-bit R2R ladder was born. The ATmega outputted a 256 bytes long sinewave [0..255] on eight pins, connected to this ladder:

8bit R2R DAC schematic

And here it is on the breadboard:

8bit R2R DAC breadboard

The results were pretty nice, too. I cannot complain about the resolution from this unamplified signal:

8bit R2R DAC oscilloscope view

Quite pleased with this one, actually. I'm not implying anything, but this might be the beginning of an audio chip for the infamous 6502 project.


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