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Pause for one week


Can someone please hit the pause button for, say, one week?

I really have to focus on my part for the C64 demo now. All other projects are put on hold, despite the fact that I received my video chip crystals and an Altera FPGA programmer in the mail the other day. And a lot of other components are also expected in the mail the next few days, so I'll have to stay strong.

The party I'm attending is Kindergarden 2011, and I'll be coding a (hopefully) spectacular shaded twistscroller on the C64. I'll really have to punish that 6502 and the VIC in order to get it done.

A lot of work still remains, and I guess that I will be coding on this party as well, just like every year before. And, hey, to top it all we're starting moving into the new house this week too. My precious evenings are shortened even more.

I'll let you know how it went next week.


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