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MSP430 + SD card


I'm hooking the MSP430 up to an SD card reader (via a 3.3V logic level shifter, in case you wonder). The software isn't ready yet, but I'm getting there.

MSP430 with SD card

The goal for this project is to test out the MSP430's SPI functionality, as well as dumping a text file from the SD card to the computer, via the micro controllers UART interface.

There's a thought behind the stupidity, it's for the (still undisclosed) 6502 computer project. I'm hoping to eliminate its use of EPROM, replacing it with SRAM fed with firmware from the SD card. That way I don't have to unplug anything when upgrading the "ROM" software - I'll just upload a new image file to the card, and voila. The controller will also serve files to the computer's real RAM, by acting like a disk controller.


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