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Aiming for the stars.. or satellites..


I'm experiencing an increasing interest in wireless energy and communication, so recently I felt the urge to explore the signals provided from "up there" - satellites. Weather satellites continuously transmit images and weather data via short wave radio. Capturing and decoding a signal is trivial, but the hardware behind it needs a little work.

The satellite NOAA-18 frequents my neighbourhood several times a day, and should be a good candidate for listening. In order to tune in, I need to fix on the 137.9125MHz frequency somehow, for the few minutes it is within my range. The doppler effect also needs to be taken into consideration, but I'll focus on a fixed frequency for now.

Most of the stuff mentioned here are ideas, want-to's, theories and thoughts at the moment, most of which has a very low WAF 1). For example the quadrifilar helicoidal antenna that will decorate our roof top.

If I'm granted the privilege to install all the equipment (which I quite honestly doubt I ever will), the rest is a matter of software development - for example, decoding the satellite image data according to the NOAA APT Frame Format specifications.

And then, who knows, it'd be cool to make a pluggable standalone device with an antenna connector in one end, and a RJ45 (TCP/IP) output in the other, providing live data via an internal web server.

A lot of exciting stuff here, time will show if this will see the day of light or not. But I have my hands on an old satellite receiver already...

1) WAF - Wife Acceptance Factor. Take note of this abbreviation, I'll be using it a lot.


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