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Let's go radio


In late November 2016 I became a licensed amateur radio operator. The reason I got the license was to learn more about the black magic behind radios; antennas, radio waves, frequencies, bandwidths. How to transmit, how to receive, what to do and not. Being able to play around on the air, legally, is a huge bonus. I've learned a metric tonne about stuff I hardly knew anything about.

My official callsign is LB5SH (have fun keying that one), but I still don't have much radio equipment to play with, other than a handheld 8W Baofeng GT-3TP. It's good enough to get in touch with the nearby repeaters.

I have ordered a 100W amplifier kit and will soon buy an X-50 Diamond high-gain low-WAF antenna to put on my roof. With a little luck I'll be able to play without the use of repeaters soon. I'm damned to 2m and 70cm bands, since HF is pretty much a no-go due to the physical limitations where I live.

Anyway, why am I telling you this? Well, yesterday I transferred my first homemade data packet on the air. To me that was an adrenaline kick. It didn't do much, it wasn't useful, but it worked, and that was a milestone. An APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) packet was generated in software on my PC, sent via the radio, via two local digipeaters and then eventually ended up on This was a test to make sure that my "synthetic" waveforms were A-OK, so I can render something similar on a microcontroller later.

Now to port the code to an AVR or something and see if that works...


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  • Hope I'm right on that we spoke to each other on 40 meters tonight, great signal and vy nice QSO OM Stian! Good to hear it was one of your first QSOs on HF, you did a fine job. It was my first QSO on my new Icom 7300 rig in SSB.

    Lykke til, QSL card is on the way to LA2T! :-)

    73, Jorrit PD3J

    #1070 | Comment by Jorrit on May 2, 2017 09:57pm
  • Hey Jorrit, wow - you found me! :-)

    Yes, it was me, and you were my third QSO or so IIRC. I got my license in November last year, and I've just built up enough courage to go on the air. We have club meetings at LA2T every tuesday, and I'll keep CQ'ing to get more used to it.

    Dank je wel for the kind words, maybe we'll bump into each other on the 40 meter again :-)

    #1071 | Comment by admin on May 5, 2017 10:54am

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