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Happy New Year, my resolution, and then some.


Okay, so 2018 wasn't quite the year for this blog. If I'm not mistaken, I managed to squeeze out one - yes one - post last year. My new year's resolution is a minimum of one post per month in 2019. Feel free to call me out if I fail to deliver.

The reason I'm posting this is not just to point out how lazy I've been, but I want to emphasize someone who's not on the lazy side. But before I begin, let me stress that I'm not doing this for money or referrals, this is just me sharing my experience and excitement over a PCB manufacturer called AllPCB.

Long story short: This Saturday I decided to get some new PCB's produced, so that I have something to work on for my January entry (no, this one doesn't count). I quickly looked around for some cheap manufacturers, and AllPCB popped up with an offer: $5 for 10 boards, $19 shipping with DHL. I couldn't resist the temptation, and placed an order. Keep in mind, we're still on Saturday. Today is Tuesday - three days later - and guess what? The package has arrived!

Sure, DHL was fast (and they usually are) but looking over the order history at AllPCB, I can see that they manufactured and shipped the boards the same day as I placed the order. This is excellent service and you bet your ass I will place my next order with them as well.

I'll bring a couple of boards + parts with me to work tomorrow, so I can populate them under better conditions than in my freezing cold shed. And, if everything goes right, I'll start testing it tomorrow night.

Let's hope this project works and makes a cool post within the next few days.


to Happy New Year, my resolution, and then some.

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