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GERP 2016


This weekend we, iNSANE, attended GERP 2016, an annual Amiga party held in Skövde, Sweden. We made a small 40k intro for the compo and got 3rd place.

The demo was coded pretty much from scratch in two days. On Friday I wanted to see if I could make the "3D rasters" (which you can see in the 2nd part of the demo), and they turned out so well I had to make a production out of it.

In case you're curious, here's some background info on the parts:

Part 1: Seesaw scroller with zooming checkerboard. The Z rotations and distortions on the scroller is the product of combining tech-tech and sinus scroller, both moving in a seesaw pattern. The zooming checkerboard is animated from a single image, where each line is stretched down the screen. Rasterbars are alternated down the screen in a similar fashion to make the checkerboard pattern.

Part 2: 3D rasters. Maybe there's a simpler ways to make these, I don't know. I started off with a simple 3D vector routine, stripped the X and Y rotations and was left with Z only. The calculations are now so heavily optimized that I cannot read it myself anymore. The values from the Z rotation are then used to select a line from a triangle bitmap, and that's what you see on the screen. The background starfield are sprites, and the logo on top is a 3 bitplane (8 colors) bitmap.

Pouët link:


to GERP 2016

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