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C64FC: Level up!


I just updated the Hackaday Project page, so I guess it's time to spread the good word on my blog as well. I received some good design help from a friend, and was finally able to order a new batch of completely redesigned C64FC boards!

This is the preview I got from OSHPark today, as I placed the order.

The horrible, bulky, slow Bluetooth module has been ditched and replaced with a USB type B device connector. This means you will now need a cable, but the file transfers will be 10 times faster than before. Literally: 2 seconds instead of 20. The USB support is implemented with V-USB on the ATmega16, and will use HID standards to stay driver-free.

I had to purchase a few new SMD components (mainly zeners and transistors), and they will hopefully arrive in time with the PCBs.


to C64FC: Level up!

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  • Very nice project! I like the clean design. I was thinking about the same just i thought an SRAM would be sufficient, but i think you have gone through the same road and used a DPRAM in the end.

    The USB connector is not a big con, nowadays even Android devices have USB OTG support so it can be made relatively mobile.

    Are you going to sell assembled or even DIY packages?

    #725 | Comment by inagy on Aug 6, 2014 09:08pm
  • Hi inagy! Sorry for the delayed response, I've been on a vacation.

    I am pretty sure it should be possible to do with traditional SRAM, but it would involve lots of passives. To keep things simple I settled with DPRAM.

    I originally didn't have big plans for this thing, but given the response I've recieved (somewhere between 20-30 people saying they are genuinely interested) I am considering to whip up a small batch of boards. But, this will only happen once I have the new design well-tested and functional.

    Check this blog or follow me on twitter and you'll know if and when it happens.

    #728 | Comment by admin on Aug 15, 2014 09:59pm
  • Definitely interested, especially if price-wise you can go below the Easyflash3.

    #730 | Comment by inagy on Aug 22, 2014 07:07pm

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