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C64 SMD caps


After a long awaited (and dare I say well-deserved) vacation, I am back in business. I checked my mail as I got back, and to my luck there were parts waiting. I love the yellow padded envelopes. Today, I received a reel of 1205 104 50V caps.

As you might be able to tell from my previous posts, I've been chasing an unknown hardware problem in one of my C64s. I've been replacing tons of parts, and I'm currently resorting to replacing passive components. I've done a few electrolytic caps, and as an effort to clean up the PCB, I decided to replace the 104Z ceramic disc caps with 1205 SMDs. Snuggly fit.

35 capacitors later, and it looks like this.

C64 SMD capacitor conversion

Look: neat, isn't it? Bonus: also tidy.

I didn't expect this to make any difference in its functionality, and it didn't either, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Also worth mentioning is that I'm suspecting the CD4066s I received earlier may not be the ideal fit - replacing them only resulted in a black screen. As in, worse than before. It's a known issue that the C64 may be picky on certain makes of logic chips so a new batch of 74HC4066s are on the way.

Oh, and soldering while it's 28C outside is probably not the best idea. I'm scchhweeeaaaty.


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  • Love the SMT idea, may give it a go myself cause it looks sexy!
    Hope you get this sorted, I've fixed a fair few 64s in my time so let me know if I can help in any way.

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