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C64 Flash Cart PCB finished


The first board is now soldered up and ready for testing. It took about an hour to finish with my bulky 30W screwdriver tip iron, and I avoided pin bridging despite the lack of flux. With every component in place, the board looks like this:

As you may recall from my previous post, there were some "mechanical issues" with the current board. It doesn't fit. To be more precise, the connector is fine, but the PCB is too wide and collides with the RF modulator. Luckily, the MMC64 has a pass-through cartridge port, so I can use it to avoid this problem:

The white area on the board is a ground plane free zone, since this space will be occupied by a bluetooth module.

So far I have only verified that the AVR works, and that it can reset the C64 via the TO92 NPN transistor.

TODO: Write the software for this damn thing.


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