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Breadboard 6502, with SID (WIP)


As a part of creating the SwinSID chip, I need a working test environment up and running. Time to breadboard a 6502... again.

I've used the typical 32K RAM/32K ROM setup, and the ROM is personalized with start address $C000, which calls the player at $E000 (init) and $E003 (play). Since there's no VSYNC, I've added a 50ms delay with looped NOPs in the code. The address decoder shows most activity around $C008 (where the delay is).

Breadboard 6502

So the code runs and works, but there's no sound from the SID yet. I've skipped the caps on pins 1-4, I might have to go through the datasheet to see if they are required. I'll give it another go tonight.


to Breadboard 6502, with SID (WIP)

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