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A little VICtory


I wrote a little emulator for the Historic computer, and I'm currently using that as a toolbox for importing other systems into the firmware. It took a day of tweaking to get this thing running, but now I'm proud to show the fourth system this computer is capable of running. Here's the Commodore VIC-20 kernel running as if there's no tomorrow.

Now, I have to be fair, this just works. Lots of I/O's for the VIC-20 is located in the memory area where the 32K ROM currently sits, so it can't update those locations. However, the video image is as real as it gets: a big chunk of data being transferred between the RAM and the ATmega16 each frame to present the output.

As you may remember, this computer is already running a homebrew ROM, as well as unmodified ORIC-1 ROM, Apple ][ ROM and now the VIC-20's ROM kernal.

Any ideas for 6502 based arcade systems I should try?


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  • Nice! You should check out Atari's 6502 based Black & White Raster or Colour Raster systems, although I believe that the latter needs 2x 6502.

    #917 | Comment by Mads on Jan 7, 2016 11:46pm
  • Good idea!

    #918 | Comment by admin on Jan 8, 2016 06:56am

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