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A 68k sandwich


A while back I decided to test SeeedStudio's $4.90 PCB service, and yesterday the boards arrived. Three boards were ordered, and without knowing if anyone of them will work, I'll start off by showing you the most simplest, but most ambitious one.

This is the "68k Sandwich", codename for an experimental board for the Commodore Amiga 500:

(Yes the silkscreen text is a bit off)

The name is from its placement between the Amiga's motherboard and the CPU. It will literally be sandwiched in between.

The board is based around an ATmega128, which will (hopefully) be able to disable the Amiga's CPU and take charge of the hardware alone. I think it's too early to spill the beans completely, but I can point out the unpopulated USB port and let you wonder what my plans are. I'm sure most of you will be able to figure it out.

Stay tuned.


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