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Apple Pi gets faster graphics and hires


This weekend the Apple Pi got faster graphics and support for high resolution. Even though it's just supporting the bare minimum to run at this point, it has reached a state where it's actually fun to play with. I can program and play with it like a real Apple II home computer.

It still takes ~32 seconds for the Apple to figure out what's going on (I suspect some peripheral commands eventually time out), but this will hopefully get better and faster in the future as more hardware is implemented.

I'm testing the Raspberry Pi's composite video output in this video. This blurs the image a little, making the scanline emulation even better looking than on HDMI.

To speed things up, I've rewritten the entire graphics generator and gone from thousands of muls every frame down to basically none. 64 cycles are executed for every scan line drawn, 17030 in total counting the lines outside the visible area.

The next big implementation should be disk support. It's a massive task involving a driver for the RPi's SD card, a file system and disk controller emulation.

The latest version is available here: applepi-binary-100314.tar.gz (1.5 MB)


to Apple Pi gets faster graphics and hires

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