Electronics, coding and hacking. And ADD.


This is the personal blog of Stian Søreng, a software developer with a really weak spot for electronics. As I'm educating myself on the latter field, I'm trying to share as many of my recent experiences as possible through this blog.

I was born a winter day in 1974, started programming in 1983 and have since then been through a range of programming languages - from C to Perl and assembly language on numerous architectures. In 2007 I decided to persuade my passion for electronics, and have since that day been obsessed on the thought of building my own computer from scratch. I've done a few, but back in my head I'm working on the ultimate design, a 6502 based computer with "all the jazz" I'll ever need. This will be a recurring subject throughout my blog until it is finished.

I'm married with kids and live in a terraced house near Trondheim, Norway.

The C64 and the Amiga are also an important parts of my life and often victims of various hardware and software experiments. I'm also a demoscener, some of you might know me as skurk/hoaxers^insane.

If you want to stalk me, you might as well do it on LinkedIn or Google+.

Other than that, there's not much more to say. I'll fill in the blanks one day.

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